Where The Heart Takes You


This sweeping historical series takes readers on a journey through time to the first Amish settlement in America…. 

Where the Heart TakesYou 

--Book One in the Series-- 


A young woman finds a new life in America’s first Amish settlement—and discovers that love requires a special sort of courage . .

Pennsylvania, 1737. Greta Scholtz braved a perilous journey and the loss of her beloved father to find freedom in America. With two orphaned children she's taken under her wing, she's trying hard to survive this rugged new world. So she won't let settlement elders pressure her into marrying reserved widower Jacob Miller. She and Jacob simply can't agree on anything, even if the unexpected feeling between them is proving an irresistible force...

After losing his wife and baby, grief-stricken Jacob keeps everyone at arm's length. Duty is the only reason he began helping headstrong Greta make a life for herself and her charges. Yet he's grown to admire her, especially her strength in the face of obstacles--including him and his wounded ways. But wrenching misunderstandings and a jealous rival could separate them forever. To find harmony--and perhaps even a future together--Greta and Jacob must take a leap of faith and risk opening their hearts.

Release Date: December 18th, 2018

Publisher: Kensington Books