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My New Book Deal

I just signed a contract with Love Inspired to write SIX more books!

I am beyond excited. It is a lifelong dream to write novels full time and I can't believe it has actually happened.

I love writing for Love Inspired and working with my editor. She is absolutely amazing! And, the entire Love Inspired community is wonderful. The authors are all so supportive and I am thrilled to be a part of the group.

I will have one manuscript due every four months for the next two years. After I turn them in, each manuscript has to go through the editing and publishing process, so I don’t know the release dates for each book yet. I will share that info as soon as I do.

The next two books will definitely be part of the Bluebird Hills series. After that, I don’t know if they will be part of a new series or not…we will see!

Thank you for reading my books and giving me the opportunity to write novels full time. It is a dream come true!

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